The Recording Studio

This summer, I found myself in two recording studios with some great musical friends.

In May, I spent an evening at the fantastically-equipped Blueberry Hill Studios in Leeds with Alex, helping to shoot a video (completely out of my comfort zone) and taking some snaps of them performing their songs on stage (more in my comfort zone). It was great to be there with the very talented band play their repertoire, including old-school dance songs in a rock/indie/funk style.

Alex at Blueberry Hill Studios

In August, I met up with The Blueprints one Sunday afternoon at The Nave, a quaint little converted church near Stanningley. The York-based foursome were recording a new track; with sunlight filtering into the open room through the narrow windows, what an amazing place to be!

The Blueprints

I’ve always found the recording studio to be a curious place. One minute, it’s all light-hearted and silly; the next, it’s deadly serious. I have to tip-toe around, trying not to make any sound that would be audible on record and trying not to be too off-putting to the musicians. Hopefully the recordings have all been a success.

It’s great to spend time with my genuine music buddies.