Galtres Festival, Helmsley, 2013

BLU3aWhat a great festival!

I came back from Galtres knowing that music’s in a good place. The energy and happiness from the bands really rubbed off, and I think that sets it aside from the other ‘larger’ festivals; the up-and-coming acts want to show everyone how fun they can be, while the established stalwarts have nothing to prove and just want to have fun. It feels very refreshing, and made for some good photos.

My buddies The Blueprints played a couple of times over the weekend on very different stages. The first (shown here) was played in, umm, ‘changeable’ weather to an outdoor audience on hay bales in a field; the second was shared with their York pals Littlemores in The Arts Barge, a fantastic local project providing a platform for local talent.

Although the weekend was soggy to say the least, it was so much fun to flit from stage to stage, catching such an eclectic range of acts and taking a varied selection of photos at all times of the day and evening. You can probably tell I had fun!